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On September 20 and 21, 2024, the annual Dance & Health Symposium will bring together speakers from all over the world, specializing in dance and health issues.

The 2024 edition, From Cancer to Dancer, will focus on the benefits of dance for people affected by cancer.

With lectures in simultaneous French-English translation and participatory workshops, this symposium will allow you to explore the incredible potential of dance for health and mental well-being.

The themes of health through dance and dance psychology will be addressed, with a particular focus on the specific approach to cancer patients. 

This symposium is aimed at :

  • Specialists*
  • General practitioners and coordinators of wellness centers for cancer care
  • Professionnels de la santé, en santé mentale et en santé publique,
  • Directors and staff of healthcare institutions
  • Dancers, dance teachers, dance therapists
  • Students,
  • Teachers and researchers,
  • Political decision-makers,
  • Collaborators in associations
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Actors in the social and community sector,

... and anyone interested in the topics covered.

*Accreditation requested for physicians in Belgium.  

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This symposium is part of the Quand on Danse social impact program from the Mosa Ballet School in Liège. The aim of the program is to support and promote dance in health, well-being and inclusion. In addition to dance discovery workshops and awareness-raising activities, Quand on Danse's mission is to bring together all the players working in this field within a digital resource platform, thus creating a genuine dance for health network!

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