After the success of the previous edition, the Quand on Danse program is proud to announce the upcoming International Dance and Health Symposium, which will take place on September 20th and 21st, 2024.

Similar to the 2023 edition, this conference will bring together speakers from around the world, experts in the field of dance and health. The 2024 edition, titled "From Cancer to Dancer," will focus on the bridges that can be built between dance and illness.

The program will include keynote speeches, debates, as well as practical workshops on various themes.

More than ever, we aim to bring people together and foster connections. Bringing together individuals from various disciplines and backgrounds, whether they are healthcare professionals or dancers, is our priority. Our goal is to build bridges, particularly between different approaches to healthcare and personal care.

This conference will be the highlight of a year dedicated to the theme of cancer, during which we will devote all our energy to organizing and participating in charitable events. The proceeds from these events will be dedicated to organizing activities for cancer patients and their loved ones. Any contribution from you is more than welcome!

Due to numerous requests, we have planned to extend the thematic workshops over two days this year, to allow everyone to fully benefit from them.

Stay tuned, we will unveil the program very soon!

This symposium is aimed at :

  • Specialists*
  • General practitioners and coordinators of wellness centers
  • Health, mental health, and public health professionals 
  • Directors and staff of healthcare institutions
  • Dancers, dance teachers, dance therapists
  • Students 
  • Teachers and researchers
  • Policy makers 
  • Collaborators in associations
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Actors in the social and community sector 

... and anyone interested in the topics covered.

*Accreditation requested for physicians in Belgium.  

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