Heading towards 2024: From Cancer to Dancer !

The year 2024 will be dedicated to the bridges that can be built between dance and cancer. 

The practice of dance has countless benefits for both mental and physical health and can therefore have positive effects on individuals who are ill or in remission, as well as on their loved ones. We are also convinced that dance can play a preventive role in everyone's health. 

We collaborate with field experts, doctors, researchers, dancers, and more to promote and experiment with this form of dance. Our goal remains the accessibility of this practice to all those who wish to dance. 

Concretely, this year will revolve around dance discovery workshops open to all and adapted to individuals affected by illness or in remission, as well as their loved ones. These workshops will take place at the Mosa Ballet School, and we hope, also within the rejuvenation spaces of the province of Liège.

Professional training sessions and charitable events aimed at financing the activities will also be on the agenda. The annual conference in September 2024 will conclude this cycle of events. 

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These activities are meant to last over time, and for that, we always need your support through financial donations (tax-deductible). 

Thank you already from the bottom of our hearts!

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Review of the adapted and inclusive dance training from the month of November