International Symposium in Helsinki 2023: An Inspiring Event!

At the beginning of October, we went to Helsinki for the international symposium organized by the Finnish Dance Therapy Association. We were able to participate in interactive workshops, enriching our knowledge and sharing genuine moments with participants from the dance therapy sector, coming from diverse backgrounds. 

n parallel with this event, we also had the opportunity to exchange inspiring ideas during the networking evening organized by the EADMT (European Association of Dance Movement Therapy).

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers and participants for their ideas and enthusiasm. This brief stay was truly inspiring and motivates us to continue our projects in Liège, Belgium, and beyond, striving to make dance more accessible and inclusive. 

Photo: Annelies Planckaert (Delegate Belgium, EADMT) and Laura Dethier (Social Impact Program Manager, Quand on Danse) 

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