Who is behind Quand on Danse: Florent Devlesaver?

Known for his participation in television programs, Florent Devlesaver is a significant French-speaking figure in the contemporary dance scene in Belgium. His uniqueness? He dances on a chair.

 After a work accident in his teenage years, he decides to embrace his disability and starts dancing in 2011. At that time, he is 26 years old and decides to make it his profession in 2018.

 From that moment on, Florent has undertaken numerous projects and turned his disability into a resilient strength. He offers workshops in schools and inclusive dance sessions, open to people with motor, mental, or visual disabilities.

 Through his projects, Florent Devlesaver aims to break taboos around disability and make the audience reflect on what disability truly is, according to him, more of an individual peculiarity than a hindrance. He is active in various companies (6ème sens, Le Huit, Unusual Symptoms) and collaborates with other dancers such as Elisa Martinez and Claire Cherrière.

 Since its inception, the program "Quand on Danse" regularly collaborates with the dancer, focusing on inclusivity and sharing.

 In February of this year, students from the Mosa Ballet School were able to participate in a contemporary dance workshop, allowing them to experience adapted dance. The subsequent workshop, a month later, was inclusive. Students could dance alongside the dancers of Créahm, a Liège-based center that offers artistic workshops for mentally disabled adults.

 The November training, unique, will enable participants to broaden their perspectives, learn theoretical foundations, and adapt their lessons to individuals with specific needs. 



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